Ignatian Mission Expertise Equipping

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Society og Ignatians Mystique

However necessary, mission expertise is only secondarily about technical information. What matters most is that the Ignatian priest be equipped in the deepest dimensions of mind and heart by an integral intellectual and asceto-mystical equipping whereby he has all the intellectual tools for exceptional insightfulness, versatility, global vision, and concrete achievement.

Catholic Sense of Mission By inspiring one’s thought, through study and prayer, with the Catholic vision of man, the cosmos, society, and history, thus becoming a man of action both truly Catholic and “catholic”  (“universal”). Through imbuing one’s spirit with the ethos of the classic Roman liturgy (sacraments, sacramentals, divinum officium) motivating the heart to fulfill Our Lord’s command, “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matt 28:19)

Reliance on Supernatural Grace By prayer, theological and cardinal virtues and gifts of the Holy Spirit

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam To the Greater Glory of God: Faithful to St. Ignatius Loyola’s ardor for doing the utmost for God and souls, the Ignatian throughout his equipping fosters this mental habit and in his priesthood applies it to use of time and choice of projects. My Utmost for His Highest!

Creativity  Developing imagination and spirit of initiative in all stages of equipping

Versatility and Globalmindedness *Through integral intellectual equipping * Studying role of culture in evangelization * Able to work anywhere, an ability fostered by Society’s cosmopolitan atmosphere. * Ignatian asceto-mystical and intellectual preparation equip for range of missions while simultaneously empowering the individual’s God-given qualities.

Intellectual Virtue Through scholastic method of studies, exemplified in St. Thomas Aquinas, fostering habits of analysis, synthesis, and examination of opposing arguments

Audacity in Action Acquiring a sense of daring and fortitude in action springing from love for honor of God and salvation of souls

Integration of  Character Integrating sentiments, passions, senses, and imagination for the ideal under the guiding influence of the intellect inspired by theological and cardinal virtues.

Sense of Urgency in Time Use Living out God’s Word to “redeem the time” (Eph 5:16) by fostering skills in effective time management and organization

Sense of Wise Judgment Virtue of prudentia, inseparable from virtue of courage (fortitudo)

Sense of Priestly Leadership Responsibility Intrinsic to Ignatian sense of spiritual fatherhood

Communication Skills

Modern and ancient languages Fostering a broad cultural horizon

Constant Self-Renewal Constant supernatural and natural, intellectual and physical renewal, “sharpening the saw” by prayer, study, healthy diet, fasting, physical exercise

Ultra-Modern because Traditional Freed from chronological snobbery’s intellectual limitations through veneration for Tradition, the Ignatian equipping for mission unites the riches of Catholic heritage with use of up-to-date technology

Specific Equipping for specific missions In internships acquiring knowledge such as local language and socio-cultural-political conditions.

Enterprising Spirit  Fostering habit of transforming ideas into concrete projects

Amid “Band of Brothers” and Mentors Through fellowship, grounded “in Christ”, and in the Ignatian ideal.