Men who do not Forget the Souls in Purgatory

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As  Ignatians, true to our Catholic identity, we are not blindfolded by the mists of time and the peripheries of matter.

Through the eyes of faith we are privileged to gaze, in however dim a manner, into eternity.

Moreover, as members of the Mystical Body of Christ, we feel close not only to our brothers and sisters here on Earth but to all those who have gone before us and are now in Heaven or Purgatory. Our sense of responsibility for the salvation of souls therefore reaches out to our suffering brothers and sisters in Purgatory.

We will not forget you! You will be present in our sermons! You will be in our daily community and private prayers! You will be in our intentions for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass!

And if, at the end of a lifetime, the body’s weakness and old age should prevent us from taking up an active role on the visible battlefield of this world, we can then dedicate ourselves more intensely to the needs of our confreres in life beyond Time’s portals.