Ignatian Prayer to Our Lady of Chivalry

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Behold us at your feet, O Mary, our Lady and Suzerain! Beneath the light of your pure look, we come to seek new strength for the combat.

O faithful Virgin, we have received the heavy and dangerous mission to enlarge the frontiers of God’s Kingdom on earth; we have promised to fight for the triumph of Christ the King, your Son: keep us from perjury!

O Queen enthroned in sweet majesty, obtain for us the humility of children and the magnanimity of heroes; that no pride may sully the great working of divine grace, that no fear may compromise or delay our spiritual Quest.

O immaculate Virgin, the world is far from truth and peace! Everywhere the prince of this world has spread hatred and violence, lies and impurity. Justice and honour are scoffed at, the divine Name is blasphemed, and the Holy Church is sorely tested. In the face of the Powers of darkness, please send to our aid Saint Michael and his sacred legions, which are glorious and without number: that they may shed on us their dazzling light and the burning fire of their charity.

With their help and by your intercession, may we gain a firm heart, a clear judgement, an unswerving determination, and even the love of our enemies, so that we may deserve to fight for God alone, without ever being untrue to the laws of Honour.

We pray that by the working of divine Mercy, force may always be at the service of right, the rich at the service of the poor, the powerful at the service of the weak and disinherited.

Also we pray that the love of money may be held in contempt, and that Holy Poverty be admired, that our Lord God be served first in all things, that his Reign be sought first before all things, and that the promised increase in love be given us.

O Blessed Virgin, Mother of God, who crush the head of Satan under your feet, do not allow us ever to fall beneath his blows: grant that, having lived for the honour of God and the service of our brethren, we may know how to die for his Glory.

O Mary, our sweet Suzerain, at the end of the day, after the battle, be pleased to lead us to the heavenly Jerusalem, where you reign, sitting at your Son’s right hand, over all the orders of Angels; you, the purest of God’s creatures and the closest to his Divinity. [Amen.] (From: http://militiasanctaemariae.blogspot.it/2011/12/prayer-to-our-lady-of-chivalry.html )