When Ignatians Fast

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Ignatians in order to

  • express their love for God,
  • achieve union with Christ Crucified,
  • grow in zeal for the salvation of souls,
  • and maintain mental and physical alertness, resolve to fast as follows:
From midnight until they receive the most sacred Body of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in Holy Communion
Each Friday (from Thursday evening to Friday evening) in solidarity with Our Lord Jesus Christ in His sufferings from Gethsemane to the Crucifixion.
On Wednesday from midnight to noon in solidarity with Our Lord Jesus Christ on the commemoration of the day of His betrayal by Judas and throughout history by His priests.
During the seasons of Septuagesima, Lent and Advent, the twelve Ember Days, and the feastdays of the Church’s martyrs to fast from all meat.

Although fasting is an integral part of the life of the Society, Ignatians  will have a healthy and nourishing diet; the Society will never allow any Ignatian’s health to be damaged by asceticism; medical reasons will always excuse members from fasting.