Strategy of Ignatian Equipping

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Personalized to each Individual Ignatian

The greatest work of genius is the art of sculpting one’s own character. Moreover he who has achieved this will be more capable of  being a great educator of others, unfolding the latent goodness and talents within souls; he will be an artist of souls, a sculptor of wills, a composer who finds the hidden lyrics and music that lie hidden within each human heart, he will be a surgeon of souls: he will be – in a word – a sacerdos magnus.

This is why each individual must take responsibility for applying the goal and plan of Ignatian equipping to his own personality.

While the goal and the plan are the same for everyone the strategy is custom-made to each individual Ignatian candidate according to his own personality.

Guided by his mentor, each candidate therefore prepares his own program of equipping with sections for the Christian formation, character formation, intellectual formation, all of which will contain pastoral applications.

To assist him in preparing it he will have the tools of:

Spiritual Direction: the Spiritual Director being a master of the two thousand year old traditions of Christian ascetical and mystical principles.

Counsel from the Ignatian formators whose lives are utterly at the service of the Ignatian candidates, their brothers in the Lord and in the Society.

Particular Examen: according to the method of St. Ignatius Loyola.