Ignatian Promise of Brotherhood

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I, [name], who am about to enter the Fraternity of Ignatians, give my word of honor as a man to strengthen the honor and esprit de corps of our Society.

With all my heart, soul, mind and strength I will strive to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood in our Society by living to the hilt the spirit of true friendship in the Mystical Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Fully aware of the hazards of spiritual warfare that our mission provokes,

I will never allow a brother-in-arms to fall into the hands of the Enemy.

I will fight alongside him; encouraging him when downhearted;

strengthening him when weak; watching beside him when sick;

carrying him when he cannot walk.

I will be a shield of virtue for him, the Society and Christ’s Mystical Body by correcting  him boldly,

whether he is my peer or my superior,

privately, or if need be, publicly,

should he ever cease to uphold Christ’s Law, the truths of Holy Church, the well being of souls,

conscious that in so doing I am being, more than ever,

a true brother, a staunch friend, a man of God,

who watches out for the salvation of his soul, the souls of those who are his spiritual children, the strength of the Society, and the holiness of Christ’s Church. Amen.