What Ignatians Do

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What we do springs from who we are!

We want our action to surge from our identity, and our identity from the supernatural light and invigorating energy of sanctifying grace channeled through the traditional Latin liturgy – the sacraments, sacramentals and the Divinum Officium. 

All of which spring from, and culminate in, the sacrament of the Sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Mass, through which the Ignatian knows he can be united through Christ Crucified and Risen with the Most Holy Trinity in this age and in the endless ages of Eternity.

On the basis of the riches of two millennia of the Tradition present in the traditional sacred liturgy, with its integrally Catholic theological, ecclesiological and ascetical-mystical principles, and enlightened by the theology of Saint Thomas Aquinas with its reality-grounded metaphysics and epistemology, Ignatians strengthen in heart and mind our convictions of the truth that Our Lord Jesus Christ is sole Savior of mankind.

This is the source of the urgent mission to propose conversion to His Mystical Body to all men and women,

through the most effective means possible ad majorem Dei gloriam,

by creating creative minorities of ardent Catholics imbued with the deep sense of the sacred

with which they will dedicate their lives to re-sacralize society in opposition to its de-christianization and secularization.