Society of Ignatians Manifesto

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The Society of Ignatians exists in order to live and spread the Catholic Faith,

in all of its integrity, authenticity, and splendor as guaranteed by Tradition,

in all of its organic unity of doctrine and praxis, of dogma and theology, of ascetical lifestyle unto mystical prayer,

in all of its coherence between integral Catholic identity, inner convictions, personal lifestyle, and social ideal of Christendom,

springing from the supernatural light and vigor of sanctifying grace

acting through the sacraments, 

enacted according to the traditional Latin liturgy,

an organic unity made possible by the Incarnation

and prolonged in the Mystical Body of Christ, the Catholic Church,

for the glory of the Most Blessed Trinity, the eternal salvation of souls, and the fostering of a civilization with a Catholic soul,

under the gaze of the Crucified Christ, 

through the Most Pure Heart of Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and Earth.


We, the Society of Ignatians, are men who have known the gaze of the Crucified Christ and have resolved to give heart, mind, and strength for the spirited defense and chivalric spread of the one true religion of His Mystical Body, the Catholic Church.

We are spiritual sons of Saint Ignatius who aim to ambitiously use every modern means to enterprisingly and urgently advance a global pro-convert outreach in order to bring to the greatest number of men and women the supreme, never-ending, and absolutely crucial good, fulfillment, and happiness of Christ’s Redemption ‒ and thus make an undying difference for others in history and eternity.

Priests distinctively, integrally, and confidently Catholic, proud of Catholic Tradition.

We dedicate themselves in body and soul through the classic triple vow to the Heroic Heart of Jesus Christ through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of Chivalry.

Loyal to the warrior-spirit of St. Ignatius of Loyola and his inspiration St. Ignatius of Antioch, we resolve to courageously combat the forces hostile to the honor of the Blessed Trinity and dangerous to the eternal salvation of souls ‒ the Dictatorship of Relativism, the Culture of Death, secularism, and that which lies behind them, the Axis of Evil, the ancient triple enemy of man.

We are purpose-driven, committed to pioneer the creation of creative Catholic minorities, entrepreneurs of evangelization.

We steel themselves for the mission by a tough, deep-going, and long-range Christian ascetical-mystical and intellectual equipping.

We resolve to live permanently on the alert, ever ready to to build up the Church in the roughest and most daunting positions.

We love the traditional Mass and the Divinum Officium, place them as the axis of our spirituality, and are ordained according to the traditional form, receiving along the way all the minor orders.

We are a fellowship, a band of brothers, bonded by the convictions, risks, and dangers born from our common resolve to fight chivalrously on the front lines for the salvation of souls.

We are men who, deep in our hearts, have a Hero to follow, a Bride to love, a Battle to fight, a Mission to achieve, a Fatherhood to live, a Homeland to reach, and the Woman “clothed with the sun” to inspire us.

These are our motives for being Ignatians; these are our foundations; these are our goals and the oxygen with which our souls breathe.

Together, they form the great “Yes” burning within us.

Together they demand a deep and daring love, men who aspire to form a heart mystic, chivalric, and heroic.

Together they impel us to be men who intend to live out our motto unto our last heart-beat: Honor Dei. Salus Animarum. Deo Optimo Maximo!