The Ignatian’s Prayer: Longing for Heaven

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“O God of every consolation, I call upon you,

who see in me nothing but what you have given me.

May you be pleased to give me, after this life’s end,

the gift of knowing the first truth,

of rejoicing in your divine majesty.

Most lavish rewarder:

Give, also, to my body the beauty of spiritual radiance,

the mobility of matter subject to mind,

the responsiveness suited to its perfection,

and the bold assurance of flesh free of all vulnerability.

And graciously add to these riches pouring over,

delights pouring in, and goods pouring together,

so that I may rejoice in your comfort above me,

in your land’s loveliness beneath me in body

in my soul’s glorification within me,

and in the fellowship of friends and angels delightfully around me.

Most merciful Father,

with you let my capacities be fulfilled:

of reasoning, by reaching the light of wisdom,

of desiring, by possessing true goods,

and of striving, by attaining the honor of triumph —

in your presence, where there is freedom from threats,

variety of dwellings, and harmony of wills;

spring’s pleasantness, summer’s brightness, fall’s plenty, and winter’s rest.

Lord God,

give me life without death,

joy without sorrow,

in your presence,

where there is supreme freedom, freedom from all care,

carefree tranquility, joyful happiness,

happy endlessness, endless blessedness,

the sight and praise of Truth, my God. Amen.”

(Source: attributed to St. Thomas Aquinas)