Ignatian Symbols and Hallmarks

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The Society of Ignatians, rooted in the Tradition of the Church and in the ancient wisdom of mankind, values the role of rituals and symbols for through them man penetrates to the spiritual through the material.

The most important rituals and symbols in the Society are those along the Ignatian’s ascent to priestly ordination. Rich in grace when they are sacramentals and always in meaning, they seize the imagination, leaving powerful, intense memories that stimulate one to recognize the great narrative of salvation history into which the Ignatian is entering as Alter Christus.

  • The ritual and symbols during the conferring of the functions of acolyte, exorcist, lector, porter, and subdeacon
  • The reception of the Ignatian candidacy uniform
  • The reception of the Ignatian uniform
  • The ceremonies of religious consecration
  • The vigils of prayer made at the beginning of each stage of priestly equipping.
  • The Ignatian “Ring of the Five Wounds”, which acts as an “echo” of the moments when the Ignatian committed himself to follow Christ Crucified. Ever visible, sometimes a mere glance may be enough to strengthen the soul and renew his courage in moments of spiritual warfare.
  • The Ignatian Logo
  • The Ignatian Mottoes
  • Many other rituals, small but significant, as well as symbols, to enlighten and strengthen the Ignatian through all moments and dimensions of his life.