Empowering Chastity: Deep and Daring Heart

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Deep and Daring Love

What empowers the Ignatian to loyally live out chastity with a lifelong love is the reality that deep in his heart he has:

              a Hero to follow,

             a Bride to love,

            a Battle to fight,

            a Mission to pursue   

             a Fatherhood to live

            a Homeland to reach

            and the Woman clothed in the Sun to inspire him.


            These are his motives for being a priest and for being celibate;

 these are his foundations;

 these are his goals

 and these… the very oxygen with which his soul breathes.


            Together, they form the great “Yes” burning within him.

Together they demand A Heart that Loves More Deeply, Intensely and Enduringly: 

 the Heart  that is willing to love even at the risk of being a Hero.