Men who Provide

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The priest’s role as procreator does not cease with giving the sacraments but as with physical fatherhood it requires of him to be a man of action! He must be a doer, a maker, a builder ‒ he must provide for his spiritual bride, the Mystical Body of Christ, and for his spiritual sons and daughters.

The priest fulfills his masculine role of provider by ensuring that his spiritual bride and his spiritual offspring are well cared for. Constantly, he provides the nourishment for their souls to enable them to resist the onslaughts of evil while journeying to their eternal homeland. Wisely and forthrightly, he provides them with guidance for their pilgrimage through the mountains and valleys – sometimes very dark valleys – by going ahead of them along the ways of the Lord, resolutely pointing out the ways to eternal life and warning them unambiguously of the pathways to doom.

Through his preaching, in sermons and retreats; through his catechesis for children and adults; through apologetics; and through a hundred and one different groups and associations that he inspires, guides, and directs he is the provider.

In this he fulfills his role as both spouse and father. He fulfills the husband’s and the father’s role of putting bread on the table, ensuring a roof is over the family’s heads, and that they have everything necessary for the journey to Heaven.