Pro-Christian Constitution: Hungary, 2011

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Hungary, in 2011, to the fury of many enemies of Christianity, created a new constitution whose preamble is as follows:

“WE, THE MEMBERS OF THE HUNGARIAN NATION, at the beginning of the new millennium, with a sense of responsibility for every Hungarian, hereby proclaim the following:

  • We are proud that our king Saint Stephen built the Hungarian State on solid ground and made our country a part of Christian Europe one thousand years ago.
  • We are proud of our forebearers who fought for the survival, freedom and independence of our country.
  • We are proud of the outstanding intellectual achievements of the Hungarian people.
  • We are proud that our people has over the centuries defended Europe in a series of struggles and enriched Europe’s common values with its talent and diligence.
  • We recognise the role of Christianity in preserving nationhood. We value the various religious traditions of our country.
  • We promise to preserve the intellectual and spiritual unity of our nation torn apart in the storms of the last century. The nationalities living with us form part of the Hungarian political community and are constituent parts of the State.
  • We commit to promoting and safeguarding our heritage, our unique language, Hungarian culture, the languages and cultures of nationalities living in Hungary, along with all man-made and natural assets of the Carpathian Basin. We bear responsibility for our descendants; therefore we shall protect the living conditions of future generations by making prudent use of our material, intellectual and natural resources.
  • We believe that our national culture is a rich contribution to the diversity of European unity.
  • We respect the freedom and culture of other nations, and shall strive to cooperate with every nation of the world.
  • We hold that human existence is based on human dignity.
  • We hold that individual freedom can only be complete in cooperation with others.
  • We hold that the family and the nation constitute the principal framework of our coexistence, and that our fundamental cohesive values are fidelity, faith and love.”